How To Remove Ads From Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher

A clean web experience is crucial to maintain productivity. No one enjoys annoying popups and confusing sponsored content. To get rid of that, you can use Google’s contributor pass but its limited to certain sites and regions. Till it gets available to a wider range audience, we will have to keep using way around techniques in order to achieve the pure web state of no ads. If you desire to do the same, all you need to do is to follow along the tutorial. Keep that in mind that this way of ad removal will only work on Android devices i.e. smartphones and tablets. If you use some Android emulator on PC or MAC then you can use the same method as well.

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at a method of Ad-removal consisting Lucky Patcher. This is a very popular tool and has much more to it than just the ad-removal thing. It allows you to change the way your app behaves or looks based on your preferences. Apart from that, it can also act as a file manager, app launcher and storage client. To get the most out of this tool, its highly recommended for you to read other articles here based on Lucky Patcher APK.We will be taking about its mechanisms and functions more in this article. Also checkout FM WhatsApp & WhatsApp Groups !

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How To Remove Ads From Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a state of the art tool that lets you change the source code of your favorite android apps hence allowing you to inherently change/add/remove features. On paper, it can change the basic structure of app. Suppose you are not allowed to use skins on say, Instagram. One of the patches available on Lucky Patcher will made alterations to ensure that multiple skins can be swapped back and forth.

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With the ability of such powerful functionalities, many aesthetic and productive enhancement can be made in an application. One which is the ability to block ads. A considerable amount of products available on Play Store are loaded with unethical ad-placements. They are arranged in a manner that gives them highest chances of accidental clicks, increasing their revenue. But it can excessively affect the user-experience and productivity by redirecting you to new pages.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

  • Use the button in order to optain the APK File For Lucky Patcher. This file will act as an installer for Lucky Patcher modding tool.
  • Since this is in binary format, you will be able to share it with any device running on Android. Make sure to have some space in your device before clicking the download button.
  • Locate the file using a file manager and tap on it to initiate installation. At this time, it will ask for a few permissions and access authorizations. Read each one of the permission carefully as the app will be taking control of your device in all those aspects. After reading it, allow all of the permission being asked and get done with installation process/
  • After the installation completes, open the app from app drawer. You can do that by tapping on its icon.
  • Identify the catalog that act as a menu to display all apps present in the device. You will need to decide which app you want to make changes on. Select the app of your choice and tap on it to expand its options and select patches
  • This will trigger a list of patches that can be applied to the tapped application. Keep in mind that this list specifically contains patches that are applicable to the tapped application. It means that developers have come up with it by individually testing various alterations on specific apps. What we need here is the remove ads patch. You will need to tap on that to get what we are willing to achieve here.
  • If your device is not rooted then you have to create apk without google ads and uninstall & install it again. This extra measure is required only for non-rooted devices. For the ones where root access is given no such steps are needed.
  • Click on rebuild this app and Wait until the patching completes & you will see the patch results but in the non-rooted devices you have to choose to go to file option & uninstall and install the app again. If you possess a non-rooted device, you might as well go ahead and root it first because many of the crucial features relies upon root access. But in any case, Lucky Patcher will still be able to remove ads on non-rooted phones and tablets. In fact it can do a more lot than that. You can explore more of its functions by playing your way around the controls.

So now you have successfully removed ads on your app.

When advertisements are relevant and clean they contribute in user-experience. Many impressions ends up in clicks and conversions and that is all good when done in a healthy manner. But those ones with spammy intents are not in anyways making the market thrive and are needed to be taken care of. Lucky Patcher APK is a great way to do exactly that.

Final Verdict

Ads are essential in maintaining net neutrality. But the line draws when they start getting over-possessive, especially the non-google ones. Apart from this, privacy is also a huge aspect in the picture. Advertisements work on the principal of possessing cookies. Those cookies contains history files as well as other activities. So, say you have visited Facebook before hopping on to some news media site then the ads will popup targeting you with other social media joining links.

It is not harmful when in works in an ethical way but the consent to use your cookies should be provided by the user before seeing the ad. Because of this, each internet user is needed to be educated regarding ads and privacy. When they’ll learn about the way these things work, they’ll be able to provide consent in a full knowingly manner. It is much needed to keep the soundness in the system.

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