Study Apps that Will Practically Earn the Grade for Students

If you see somebody carrying a bunch of heavy textbooks around – stop them in their tracks. Unless they’re doing it for exercise – there really is no point. All the information in these textbooks is available online – and much more. So we thought we’d point you to the valuable studying resources which can help you learn stuff better, and faster.

Table of Contents

  • Best Student Apps for Essay Writing 2019:
    • Ulysses:
    • Hemingway app:
    • Mate: Universal Tab Translator
    • EssayPro:
    • YouTube Academic Channels:

Best Student Apps for Essay Writing 2019:

There are many favourite student apps, like Google Drive and Evernote. So we thought we’d present the less obvious choices. With these apps under your belt, a college will be easy.


Ulysses is no doubt the best writing app for Apple products. Ulysses may seem trivial at first, like an extension of the built-in Notes app, but it’s much more than that. The magic writing environment which Ulysses creates, makes you absolutely addicted to writing in the app. We’ve tried the trial version while researching for apps for this blog, and we’re hooked.

The focus of the app is creating a distraction-free, fun to write atmosphere – so that you keep writing and don’t stop. The clean interface aims to boost your productivity and creativity. These immersive qualities make Ulysses the best app for students of writing.

Hemingway app:

The Hemingway app is perfect for rookie writers. The app primarily functions like a grammar checker – but that’s not the best part. Hemingway shows you all of your long sentences, and complicated words aiming to help you simplify your writing. In other words – get to the point.

Ernest Hemingway himself was famous for this style of writing. His manner was very economical and easy to read. He’d focus on short sentences and thus avoid over-complicating his texts, making them accessible to all audiences. With this app, you can become like the master himself.

Mate: Universal Tab Translator

Delving away from writing, here’s a language app which is more useful than it looks. Mate is a plugin which can translate anything into a hundred and three languages. It was created to help you avoid using Google Translate all the time.

If you’re a study abroad,  every website will be in a foreign language. This tab translator can automatically translate websites and even speak out words with accents. With Mate, you’ll learn languages much much quicker. Also – everything you translate can be saved and synchronized across all your devices, allowing you to review your translations anytime.

A company founded by Linkedin – Lynda is like an online university. Except with this app, you can download whole courses and watch them without an internet connection. It is a feature which most online universities are lacking. However, if you have iTunes U, then you don’t need Lynda.

Topics include Excel, Lightroom, Photoshop, HTML, Java, WordPress, and more. While useful for students as a review app, this app is best suited for those who wish to start their professional careers and learn a few pro tricks quickly.


The bulk of your time in university, you’ll spend studying. And when it comes to exam week, you’ll have zero time to write annoying essays. That’s why there are apps like EssayPro which can take this strain off your chest.

Typically, essay writing services are known for notorious schemes and mediocre writing. This one is legit and here’s why: you can fully preview the FINAL version of your essay before sending your writer a payment. This way they guarantee professional quality on every piece, something other services cannot deliver.

YouTube Academic Channels:

My absolute favourite channel on YouTube is The School of Life. You can sit down to watch these informational channels for leisure. But as soon as you begin taking notes and tracking sources, they become invaluable lessons and sometimes teach much more than universities. Whether you use academic YouTube channels for quick reviews or to get ahead of the class – they’re an excellent academic helper.

Other channels include CrashCourse and The Infographics show. Considering these, there are many more such channels on YouTube talking about all kinds of topics, from Math to Music Theory, to Astrophysics. And if you can get a YouTube video downloader installed on your device, you’ll have access to literally the sum of human knowledge offline.

Final Thoughts

And there it is! Six fresh ideas for how to boost your academic performance. Keep in mind that although these apps are handy – you must do the bulk of the work. After all, you’re a student gifted with access to precious knowledge which can open any door in this world. Learn it, study it, use it to build a better future. We believe in you! 

Download SuperVPN for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop

The SuperVPN app is currently gaining popularity because of its free offering on Android mobile devices. Free unlimited bandwidth and free unlimited free trial time. And since this has been proven to be the real deal by many users, it is just normal that the app should also be ported to the Windows platform. And in this article, we will guide you on how to get SuperVPN for PC Windows and laptop.

The SuperVPN is a VPN tool to keeps your online activities safe and secure. It creates a tunnel that makes tracking your online presence difficult to impossible. This is best for people who use financial accounts online. This is also very much useful if you have sensitive files and information on your device and you want them to be safe.

For most people, a VPN tool such as Psiphon for PC and SuperVPN is another way to bypass restrictions on websites that are inaccessible from your country. It also works vice versa or if it is your country that suffers restriction from accessing the website.

Now, if you want that benefits for your Windows PC, we can help you with that. We guide you on how to download and install SuperVPN for PC in these easy steps.

Contents [show]

Download SuperVPN

NameSuperVPN 2.1.0Size4.8 MBRequirementWindows 7/8/8.1/10AuthorSuperSoftTech

Download SuperVPN APK

How to Download and Install SuperVPN for PC

In case you are not yet aware, the SuperVPN has no official Windows version developed. That means in order for us to be able to install SuperVPN for PC, we will need to use an Android emulator like BlueStacks App Player.

  1. The first thing to do is to get or download the BlueStacks from the download button below and the SuperVPN APK file from above.
  2. The BlueStacks installer is around 400MB as a file, so it would probably take longer to download if you have a slow internet connection. But you can use an Internet Download Manager to speed up your download up to 5 times.
  3. When the download finishes, start with the BlueStacks installer by double-clicking on the file.
  4. The installation should ask for some confirmation. You should be able to understand what it requires. You will just mostly click on the OK button.
  5. After the installation, find the desktop icon and double-click to launch the app emulator.
  6. Since this is the first time you will open the BlueStacks app, you will be asked to log in your Google account. This is necessary to access all your Google-based apps especially the Google Play Store.
  7. When you finish the account verification, you should be directed to BlueStacks main interface.
  8. Leave the BlueStacks running in the background for now and do not close it. Now go to the SuperVPN APK that you downloaded earlier.
  9. Drag the APK file to the BlueStacks main interface. This should automatically install the APK file.
  10. After a few seconds, the SuperVPN icon will appear, and you are now ready to use it as you please.

Download BlueStacks

Important Reminder:

Downloading only the SuperVPN app will NOT run on Windows PC. You need to read the full instruction on how to properly install the file on any Windows machine.


  • Download MovieBox for Windows
  • Install Jio TV for PC
  • Install and Download WiFi Hacker for PC
  • Download Snapchat for PC
  • Download Kik Messenger for PC

Features of SuperVPN

Here are some of the reasons that the SuperVPN has become the most popular and trusted VPN on mobile tools. You should find that this app has almost everything that you will ever need from a VPN tool.

  • It boasts one of the most sophisticated and secure privacy protection features to date.
  • Gives you access to all websites that are geographically restricted with ease.
  • No need to manually go to Settings or make any changes to the app. Just launch and click to activate the VPN.
  • Free to use for 20 days with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited internet (internet speed is dependent on the location and ISP resource).
  • After 20 days, you will still have unlimited bandwidth but with a restriction of 60 minutes per session. You will only need to restart the session to gain another 60 minutes. That means you can have unlimited sessions every single day.
  • Gives you ease of access by giving you only one button to activate the VPN.
  • No need to root your device. Everything is done through the app and affects the whole device instantly.
  • Hundreds of server using the fastest of them all.
  • Perhaps the most secure and reliable VPN service in the mobile department.

In Conclusion

There may be a lot of VPN tools available online but the SuperVPN is still considerably one of the top choices out there. While some free VPN tools offer free service, they give it with low internet speed and limited bandwidth. The SuperVPN for PC does the opposite of that.

This app has a significant limitation, but it should not be such a big deal after all. Keep in mind that all you really need is the protection for your privacy, a decent internet speed, and unlimited bandwidth. Those are just the things that you really need.

For those of you who are already familiar with the SuperVPN app, how was your experience using all its features? Tell us your personal point of views. We would love to know more about this promising app.

If you have questions regarding today’s topic, feel free to leave a message in the comment section. We appreciate those who ask a useful question that other people might also find helpful.

Best App Killers for Android

There comes a time in Android life when you simply want to kill an app, and for that time, the best app killers for Android may come in handy. Some apps are simply annoying or they drain your battery consistently without giving you any kind of benefits, so it makes perfect sense that you would want to kill them off unceremoniously.

Of course, best app killer for Android is the uninstall button. It makes sense to simply uninstall the app that is hogging up space on your smartphone instead of killing it. However, if your smartphone is not rooted, and the app you hate is a system app for some reason, you’ll have no chance of uninstalling it. This is exactly where the best app killers for Android will come to your aid and strangle the app out of existence. A point to be noted here is that you cannot simply kill essential system apps because that will cause stability issues and won’t be as pretty as you think. Thankfully, manufacturer or carrier bloatware can easily be killed off with one of the best app killer for Android.

Writer’s Note: The best app killers for Android or task killers for Android are not going to actually murder an app. They will simply put the app on ice, a suspended state that won’t allow the app to even talk. If you want to forgive an app, you can simply un-kill it to wake it back up.


    Oasis FengToolsFree

Greenify is one of the best Android apps that can easily put any Android app to sleep and that too in great style. It is a really well-designed app and comes with an easy to follow interface. One of the best things about this app is its ability to recognize which apps are draining resources fast, especially which ones are hammering the battery life. From there you can easily put annoying apps to sleep, so they won’t consume system resources anymore.

Identifying and putting the old apps into deep hibernation when you are not actively using them helps your device to breathe a little bit easier and the battery life to thrive. One great thing about Greenify is that the hibernation is broken once you actively click on the app icon, and after you’re done with the app, it goes back to hibernation. So in my humble opinion, this is a better solution than simply killing an app permanently without any way to quickly revive it for usage. Sure, you may not want to use carrier apps a lot but there will come a time when you’ll need them briefly; Greenify ensures that they will work perfectly. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  



ShutApp is one of the most convenient task killer apps for Android that allow you to immediately close battery draining apps. While you can do that manually as well but the closed apps will automatically start up, rendering all that effort useless. Thankfully, any apps that are closed by ShutApp stay closed and will not restart immediately. The app is also capable of shutting down background apps automatically even on unrooted smartphones.

ShutApp also completely blocks data flow when the smartphone is not in use. This means if you haven’t put social media apps in the network access list, they won’t be able to access the Internet and consume your mobile data. The app also allows you to easily look up which apps are currently running and gives you the option of immediately stopping them with one click. If you absolutely know an app is not being a nuisance, you can put it in the whitelist to exclude it from being hibernated. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

ES Task Manager

    ES GlobalBusinessFree  

Task Killer


Task Killer is a highly straightforward app that allows you to kill apps without much effort. Right on the main screen you’ll see a list of apps that are currently running on your device. On the right side, you’ll see a checkbox that you need to toggle if you want that particular app gone. After you select the apps that you deem not worthy of using system resources, you can press the big green “Kill Selected” button and the app will terminate them.

In the settings you’ll find the option that automatically kills all apps running after a set amount of time. So, if you want the apps to be killed after every hour, you can easily do so with this option. There is also an ignore list that allows you to whitelist certain apps that you want running all the time. For example, if you want Facebook Messenger to run continuously in the background, you can simply put it in the ignore list. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Advanced Task Killer


Advanced Task Killer has a very ancient looking interface, there’s no getting around that. However, we are not here because we like the looks of best app killers, we are here to find the best killers only. And just like real life, Advanced Task Killer looks like an inconspicuous assassin that only means business.

All you need to do is select the apps that are to be executed by the task killer, and then press the “kill switch” to unceremoniously kill them off. One great option available in this app is the ability to auto start upon a restart. This means even if you restart your device, Advanced Task Killer will return and automatically kill apps that you had selected previously. The straight to business attitude of this great app killer for Android makes it one of the best ones in the business. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Making a Kill:

These were some of the best app killers for Android that will surely make short work of annoying apps on your device. One of the biggest annoyances of using a carrier smartphone is the unnecessary bloatware that their smartphones come with. Over the years they have been toning it down by combining everything into one app, same goes for manufacturers that previously loved to shoehorn their own versions of simple apps. Samsung is still trying to push their own versions of basic apps that already come with Android, I don’t think anyone uses their browser when Google Chrome is already installed.

Until we achieve stock Android on every device imaginable, you will need to employ the services of the best app killers for Android. Do tell us why you personally need an app killer on your device? Which app is going to be executed first with an app killer? We would love to hear from you

9 Best Work Apps for Boosting Your Productivity

Would you like to be more productive both at the office and at home as well? Most of us would!  But there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. Fortunately, there are apps that can help organize your life and skyrocket your productivity. Here are nine of the best work apps for boosting your productivity on the job.

1. Hours Time Tracking App 

It’s easy to lose track of how much time you spend on a project at work, especially if you’re unaware of the hours you’re putting in. It doesn’t have to be that way! Download the Hour Time Tracking app and you’ll instantly gain a simple way to track your hours by client or project. With this handy app, you’ll get reminders, a visual timeline, and detailed reports to help you stay on track and monitor the hours you spend on projects. Best of all, the syncs with the web so you can view the information on your desktop and email reports as CSV or PDF reports. Stop wasting time and start tracking it instead!

Available: iOS

Rating: 4.6

Cost: Free. Premium subscription available for $7.99 per month. Premium includes the ability to sync to multiple devices, data back-up, apple watch, timesheet entry, hours for teams, and more detailed reporting.

2. Forest Stay Focused App

Have you ever been working on a project only to be distracted by something that steers your focus away from your work? We all have! Unfortunately, these distractions destroy productivity and focus. That’s where the Forest app comes in.

The concept of Forest is simple. Once you download the app, you’ll plant a seed in a forest. Then, the goal is to get that seed to grow into a tree. If you get sidetracked and leave the app to do something else, the tree dies and you’re back to square one. Fortunately, you get one warning banner from the app before your tree keels over. But if you get distracted again, the tree dies, and you have to plant another one and start again. The app will also send you messages of encouragement and even play relaxing music in the background to help you stay focused. What could ask for more?

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.8

Cost: $1.99

3. Wunderlist App

Wunderlist is a cloud-based app that helps keep your to-do list tidy and accessible. You can quickly and easily make a list of tasks, schedule them, and keep them organized with this easy-to-use app. Working on an important project? Set up deadlines and reminders to help you get tasks done in a timely manner. You can even save articles you find online and read them later. What’s more, you can access your lists from all your devices, including smartphone, desktop, and tablet. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without Wunderlist!

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.6

Cost: Free. Added collaboration options with a paid version.

4. LastPass Password Manager App

Nothing can destroy productivity faster than forgetting passwords and not being able to log-in. Save yourself the stress of constantly resetting your passwords by installing LastPass Password Manager. When you visit a new site or launch a new app, LastPass automatically fills in your log-in password for that site after it retrieves it from its encrypted vault.

You can use LastPass on other devices as well, including your desktop via a Chrome extension, as well as tablets. When you sync your devices, your password information is saved to all of your devices. You can even add credit card information and the app will encrypt it in the cloud. If you need to pay for something online, the information is readily available. The latest release will also automatically fill in your username along with log-in information. No more struggling to remember a username or password again!

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.7

Cost: Free. A premium plan offers a gigabyte of encrypted cloud storage, digital fingerprint authentication, unlimited password sharing, and priority tech support.

5. Pocket App

Have you ever discovered an interesting article you wanted to read while you’re working? Stopping to read an interesting article is a productivity buster! But you don’t have to miss out. Just save it for later. The Pocket App makes it easy to save an article or website to read or visit when you’re not working. Simply hit the share button and your article or website is saved. You can easily access it whether you’re online or offline and read it at your leisure. Imagine how much time you’ll save if you’re not stopping to read something else while you’re working?

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.8

Cost: Free. Premium is available for $4.99 month. With the premium version, you get better search features and the ability to save and read an article even if it’s no longer online.

6. Grammarly Keyboard App

Have you ever had this happen? You’re in a hurry and you speed type an email or social media post on the go. Chances are that correspondence contains embarrassing typos and grammar mistakes. Enter Grammarly. The Grammarly app automatically checks your spelling, grammar, and punctuation for every correspondence you write, including articles, social media posts, emails, or presentations. It also highlights mistakes and shows you the correct replacement. Click on the replacement to make the change. You can type quickly knowing the app will correct your errors and help you make a good impression!

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.2

Cost: Free. Premium is available for $29.99 per month. With premium, you get advanced grammar, punctuation, sentence structure checks, style checks, and vocabulary suggestions. Premium also includes a plagiarism checker.

7. Harvest App

Harvest allows you to easily enter your hours or set a timer to monitor how long you spend on projects. You can also use the app to plan your projects and ensure they don’t exceed your allowable budget. The app even lets you create and send invoices to clients. It also supports team management and scheduling, all from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Available: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.5

Cost: $12.00 per month. 30-day free trial. No credit card required.

8. InstaPDF

When you need to scan a document and do it quickly, InstaPDF has you covered. This scanning app has advantages over other apps that scan documents on the go. When you use most scanning apps, you must use email, Dropbox, or another service to send your PDF to another person or device. Not with InstaPDF. Simply scan using your mobile app and your PDF is synced to the cloud where it’s instantly available on your desktop and on the web.

Choose from two ways to scan. The photo mode is best for pictures as it takes a photo of the item just as you see it. You can also choose the auto-enhance, which is best for documents. The app offers multipage scanning and the ability to capture only the portion of the page you want. Plus, it offers unlimited cloud storage for your documents.

Available: iOS

Rating: 4.8

Cost: Free

9. Cloze App

The Cloze app is like having your own personal assistant. What business professional couldn’t benefit from one of those? The Cloze app pulls information about your business contacts from other apps, including email accounts, logs of phone messages, notes, social media, and more from your devices. You’ll be presented with all the information in one place so you don’t have to sift through multiple apps to find out about a particular client or contact.

Available: iOS and Android

SB Game Hacker Apk Download for Android

Hey Folks, Are you looking for SB Game Hacker for Android phone? If Yes, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, today, we have shared with you, the Download link of Latest SB Game hacker Apk. You can hack Android Games Coins and Gems Using SB game Hacker app.

What is SB Game Hacker for Android Phone?


  • 1 What is SB Game Hacker for Android Phone?
  • 2 Download SB Game Hacker 2019
    • 2.1 Prerequisite to install SB Game Hacker for Android
  • 3 How to install SB Game Hacker for Android phone?
  • 4 How to Use SB Game Hacker Apk for Android?
  • 5 Features of SB Game Hacker for Android
    • 5.1 List of Games supported by SB Game Hacker
    • 5.2 Phone Permissions required for SB Game Hacker:-
    • 5.3 Wrapping it up:-

As you can guess by the name, SB Game Hacker for Android is a game hacking app which is quite a lot popular for hacking various amazing games for Android that work offline. Although it is claimed that it works for online games like Clash of Clans or Pokemon GO, we are not sure about.

With the help of this app, you can run cheats on various Android games that are otherwise quite hard to play with limited resources.  This app is absolutely free to use. With the help of this app, you can modify game databases that end in a limitless supply of coins, money, gold, gems, crystals and all other game resources.

In this article, we are introducing to you the SB Game Hacker apk download and the installation guide for the same. We have also mentioned the permissions list that the app requires from your device and some amazing features of the app. Here we go-

Download SB Game Hacker 2019

SB GAME HACKERApp Size970 KBApp Version5.2AuthorSB ToolsCompatibilityAndroid Version 2.3 to 4.4RootTotal Downloads30 Lakhs+Last Updated21 September 2018   SB Game Hacker apk Free Download

Prerequisite to install SB Game Hacker for Android

  • A rooted Android device.
  • Enable Unknown Sources option.
  • Download SB Game Hacker for Android.

How to install SB Game Hacker for Android phone?

Given below is a step-by-step guide on how you can install SB Game Hacker for Android Phone.

Step 1:- To begin with, I assume you have by now downloaded the SB Game Hacker Latest Version from the link given above.

Step 2:- Go to the Settings of your device and then go to Security and enable Unknown Sources.

Step 3:- Then click on the downloaded file- sbgamehacker.apk and click on the Install option.

Step 4:- The app will start to install soon. Be patient till then. And once it is installed you are all set to enjoy the game hacking.

Download Cheat Engine For Hacking Games

How to Use SB Game Hacker Apk for Android?

Step 1:– In the Root manager app on your device, go to the Apps list. In that list select SB Game Hacker and grant access to the same.

Step 2:- Then click on SB Game Hacker app icon to open it. You will see the app will request root access, which you have already granted in step 1.

Step 3:- Now you will see a pop up on the screen. Minimize it and let the SB Game hacker app run in the background.

Step 4:– Open the game that you are willing to hack.

Step 5:- Start playing the game and you can then utilize all the resources as per your needs.

Once you start playing the game you will realize how this app actually works. And then you can automatically learn about it more and enjoy your games.

Download Best Game Hacking Apps for Android

Features of SB Game Hacker for Android

Here are some of the most highlighted features of this app which will make sure you download it-

  • Privacy:- Even though this is a game hacker app, you do not have a thing to worry about since this app is safe and secure to use. Your phone data or any storage will not be violated in terms of policy through this app. The best part is this app can also be used without an internet connection. So what are you waiting for?
  • Security:- If Security is what you are concerned about while using apps like a game hacker for iOS and Android games, then you can go for this app without a second thought. SB game hacker is a well-coded app and best part it works on almost all the Android versions.
  • Hack any game:- This app can hack most of the Android games working offline. It also helps to hack some of the online games like 8 Ball Pool but works best for offline games.
  • Other features:– When you yourself will use this app for hacking games, you will realize how vast the gamut of this app for hacking features is. However, we suggest you to first play the game that you are going to hack without hacking it. Only then will you realize what difference it has made.

List of Games supported by SB Game Hacker

Given below is a list of games that are supported by SB Game Hacker for Android. Many of the games mentioned below are some of the most loved and played games all around the globe. let us take for example- COC or Pokemon GO. You can now hack these games using SB Game Hacker!

  • Clash Royale
  • MARVEL Contest of Champions
  • Game of Ware
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Toy Blast
  • Teen Patti
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Castle of Clash
  • Game of War
  • Clash of Clans
  • Pokemon GO

Phone Permissions required for SB Game Hacker:-

While installing SB Game Hacker, you will be asked for a few permissions on your phone. Below are those mentioned-

  • Contacts:- Find accounts on your device, modify the contacts and read contacts.
  • Device ID and Call info:- Read the Identity and Status of your phone.
  • Device and App history:- Read Browser history and web bookmarks.
  • Identity:- Find accounts on your device.
  • Phone:- Read your call logs, the status of your phone and the Identity. Write voicemails. Write Call logs.
  • Storage:- Read USB Storage contents. Delete or Modify contents of USB Storage.
  • SMS:- Read SMS and edit SMS.

Wrapping it up:-

Hope you all found the article of use. In case of any doubts or queries, do let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

Keep visiting our page-Android Jungles for more such tech-oriented information or you can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive timely notifications of our posts.

Viva Pinata PC Download – Where to Get and How to Install

Are your kids fond of playing games during their spare time? Rather than letting them play sort of random game, it will be much better to show them a good game. Viva Pinata is recommended for kids, not only this game is fun but also totally safe for kids. No harshness, no danger, Viva Pinata is developed for everyone. Viva Pinata PC download enables you to have fun with this family game.

What is actually Viva Pinata? As the name suggests, this game is mostly about piñata, to be exact about the piñata in wildlife. The players are required to attract as well as tame their favorite piñata. In this game, there are no less than 60 species of piñata that live wildly on Pinata Island. It is so much fun since Viva Pinata enables you to personalize almost everything, ranging from the grass until the pinata’s hat.

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System Requirements

Before getting Viva Pinata PC download, you must know whether or not your PC meets the system requirements. The size of this game which was known to be released since 2010 is approximately 5.48 GB. Rare Ltd. as the developer aims family and kids as the target market of their game. About the system, your PC should work with 1.8 GHz processor or higher.

This game will use 1 GB of RAM from your system. It also requires Nvidia 5900 or ATI 9600 or higher. Viva Pinata works well on Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. Before downloading and installing the game, you need to make sure that you have 10 GB available space on your hard disk. This game will not work well—or you may experience lag–if your space is lower than that. PROMOTED CONTENT     I Work Every 3 Hours And Earn ₹10,000 Per Hour Without Struggling         Here Is A Quick Way To Earn Money In Ludhiana         10 Things Women Are Immediately Attracted To         10 Weird Fruits That Will Destroy Your Belly Fat      

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How to Download and Install

Does your PC fit? If so, you can start to get Viva Pinata PC download. The recommended link that you can visit is Click this link and you will see the Buy button on its page. Click the button and it will direct you to marketplace of Xbox. Follow the instructions and you will be able to buy the game easily.

Getting done with Viva Pinata PC download, this is the time to install on your PC. The instruction below is recommended for you because many people experience incompatibility problem. In case you have trouble in installation, you need to check the game compatibility. To run the game in compatibility mode, follow this:

  • Right click on game file then click “properties”.
  • Move the cursor to “compatibility” and choose the tab that says run the program in compatibility mode for certain program.
  • Choose operating system that you want.
  • If you succeed, you need to restart the computer.
  • Find the game file and double click to open.
  • Click “Install” and follow the request on screen.
  • Viva Pinata is ready to play.

In conclusion, Viva Pinata is a good game to play for family. Many people out there love this game, which is proven by the high ratings it gets from review. Get Viva Pinata PC download and enjoy the game.

TikTok Apk Download Latest Version 5.8.3 For Android (Official)

TikTok Apk : Freshest version of TikTok is available to download from the link mentioned here. We will be updating the links each time a new version comes out. TikTok is an advanced video sharing social media platform that allows millions of its users to post creative, entertaining or informative videos online. Unlike Instagram, TikTok exclusively focuses on videos and its UI is primarily based on that only. The best way to describe it will be a social media platform that harnesses a humongous user base and enables the audience to like, share and post content online.

It will be our job as the editors of Letrons to maintain and update TikTok APK link mentioned here. You can bookmark this link and come and check from time to time in case a new version arrives. If it does arrive, an updated link will be shared here along with the date of latest update. You will be able to install the APK from the updated links at that time.

Must Download:- Lucky Patcher & FM WhatsApp !

Contents [show]

TikTok Apk Download For Android

Download TikTok Apk

NAMETIKTOKDownloads500 Million+Size73.5 MBVersion5.8.3Last UpdateApril 2019CategoryVideo AppAndroid VersionAndroid 4.1+


Use this link to download TikTok for Android and iOS. Keep in mind that you will be requiring some free space present in your device in order to be able to download the file at first place, let alone installing it. Also Checkout WhatsApp Group Links

TikTok (Features)

There are numerous exclusive features that makes TikTok one of a kind. Not only just over the top filters, the basic mechanism of the application makes it a highly functional tool of entertainment. You can easily share all of your favorite videos without getting capped or restricted. But the main use of TikTok shows in personally shot clips. Especially from selfie cams. Such videos are easily available in all social media, but the TikTok tag in them helps in distinguishing them.

  • It possesses a unique color scheme in all sections making it stand out in the crowd
  • The app is by default programmed to utilize the cameras present in the device you’re using. Meaning that no matter how low or high quality of a sensor you’ll have, TikTok shall ensure that best quality content comes out of it.
  • It inherently provides a download button in all videos present. So, no matter whose video you’re watching, there will always be a download button at top from where you’ll be able to store it in your library. When you think about it, no other media app allows that. Take Instagram for instance. Thousands of third-party tools and softwares had to evolve in order to provide users a way to download its videos. No such issues exist here on TikTok.
  • The collection of filters present in TikTok is phenomenal. It harnesses the most vast and rich collection of filters known to average smartphone users. You can tap your way around the thousands and thousands of pre-defined filters created by TikTok as well as by other users. The option for allowing others to create there own filter opened floodgates to new ones. This ended up in the creation of more than 70% of filters that are currently present in TikTok.

The TikTok Tag is stuck with every video you’ll ever make/post on the app. It does that to makes sure that others know which tool was used in the making of it. This feature single handedly drove the most users to TikTok APK. If you want to remove that tag, you will have to take help of third-party editing tools in order to do that. One other way to deal with this to crop/add back bars in your video using some other app.

How To Install TikTok Apk On Android?

  • Download the APK file by clicking the button
  • Ensure that free space is available on your device
  • Locate the downloaded APK File
  • Enable Unknown Sources from the settings>Security
  • Start the installation by tapping on the APK. You can do that by using the default file manager of your device.
  • As the installation process proceeds, allow all the permission the app asks. Make sure to read all of them first.
  • Once its done, close the installer and open the App. You will now be asked for logging in
  • In case you already are a registered user, sign in with your credentials
  • If you are new to TikTok, register with your username, email and password.
  • Once you do that, you will have to verify it through a link sent on your email ID
  • After its settled, you will be able to use TikTok on Android without any issues.
  • Another scenario : If you are registered with the app already but somehow forgot the password then locate the forgot pass option present in the app. It is available right bellow the login section. All you need to do is to tap that and in the follow up window, enter your username, email or phone for identification. The app will send a conformation email to verify the credentials entered and you will be redirected to a password reset menu.

Final Veridct

With reflecting to recent restriction passed over TikTok, it is said with disappointment that such unique talent-flourishing community is being censored like that. In my last 10 years of using internet in India, never had I ever saw an app that brought so much emotions and expressions that were once left untapped. TikTok allowed dozens of influencers to rise and many of them are big on Instagram as well.

Out of all of this, there is a good thing about the recent restriction and that is its not a total ban. You are still allowed to download TikTok APK file from the link we mentioned. Thankfully, using APK is still ethical. Make sure to download the APK and install TikTok latest version from it. If you are facing any kinds of issues, do let us know in the comments bellow and we will get right back at ya. Make sure to explain errors with error messages (If there are any.)

Please express your thoughts regarding the recent scoops surrounding TikTok APK in the comments bellow. You opinions will be visible to all the visitors here and can also be turned to healthy conversations regarding the TikTok community.

Download Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

Hey Folks, Are you looking for Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac? If the answer is yes then you have landed on the right path. We have shared Download links of Android USB drivers.

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USB Drivers for Android Devices are used to communicating between Computer and Android Phones and Tablets. You need different drivers for different uses. Like for transferring media content and files requires ADB and Fastboot drivers, For Android development, you need Android SDK USB Drivers.

USB Drivers help us to connect our Android Phones to flash tools like SP Flash tool, Odin, MiFlash tool, Qualcomm Flash Tool.

It is great to have these Android USB Drivers on your Computer so you can install them whenever needed. You can download USB drivers from the Official Websites of the Device manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google, Xiaomi. In case, you are not able to find drivers for the device. Then we have got you. we have compiled a list of most of the manufactures and link to their USB Drivers.

The Android USB Drivers can be installed on Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, MacOS and Linux. Note Using Download mode or Fastboot mode you need to enable USB Debugging.

Download Android USB Drivers for Windows ( ADB and Fastboot)

Contents [show]

Asus USB Drivers

Download ASUS USB Drivers

Download ASUS PC Suite

Download Nexus 7 USB Drivers

Qualcomm USB Driver

Download Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader Driver.

Download Qualcomm USB Driver.

Acer USB Drivers

Download Acer USB Drivers.

MediaTek VCOM Driver

Download MediaTek USB Drivers.

Google USB Driver

Download Google USB Drivers.

Motorola USB Driver

Download Motorola USB Drivers

Nokia USB Drivers

Download Nokia USB Drivers

HTC USB Driver

Download HTC USB Driver.

Samsung USB Drivers

Download Samsung USB Drivers.

LG USB Drivers

Download LG USB Drivers.

Dell USB Drivers

Download Dell USB Drivers.

Intel USB Drivers

Download Intel USB Drivers

ZTE USB Drivers

Download ZTE USB Drivers

Huawei Android USB Drivers

Download Huawei USB Drivers or Download HiSuite ( Drivers included)

LeEco USB Driver

Download LeEco USB Drivers

Sharp USB Drivers

Download Sharp USB Drivers

Amazon USB Drivers

Download Amazon USB Drivers

Xiaomi USB Drivers

Download Xiaomi USB Drivers and Mi PC Suite

Lenovo USB Drivers

Download Lenovo USB Drivers

Micromax USB Driver

Download Micromax USB Drivers

Kyocera USB Drivers

Download Kyocera USB Drivers 64-Bit / 32-bit USB Driver

Pantech USB Driver

Download Pantech USB Driver

Hisense USB Driver

Download Hisense USB drivers

YU USB Driver

Download YU USB Driver

Alcatel Mobile USB Drivers

Download Alcatel Mobile USB Drivers

Oppo USB Driver

Download Oppo USB Driver

Nvidia USB Drivers

Download Nvidia USB Drivers

Toshiba USB Drivers

Download Toshiba USB Drivers

Fujitsu USB Drivers

Download Fujitsu SUB Drivers

Final Words

So this was all about Downloading and installing Android USB Drivers on your Windows PC. You can Install these USB drivers on your PC and enjoy Androiding.

Hope you guys found the article useful! If you have any queries or get any difficulties during the procedure, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Also, for more such tech-related updates, make sure that you have Subscribed to Our Newsletter.

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Things You Need to Know before Downloading Gears of War PC Download

People who already find passion on playing game always try to find new experience of gaming. This is what the game developers are working with. The Coalition knows this so well, that is why they released Gears of War game. Released in 2016, Gears of War has become a favorite worldwide. It is not surprising many people try to find Gears of War PC download.

Gears of War itself’ is about the adventure and struggle of 3 friends (JD Fenix, Del and Kait) who escape from an attack on their neighborhood. This game will make your adrenaline coasting as you have to bring them discover their enemy. In addition, they also have to rescue their family and friends.

Playing this kind of game alone is not that fun. You can ask another friend to play by splitting the screen. Some personalization is available. To make it more addictive, this game provides battle with increasingly strong enemies. You are also allowed to choose combat class and level up your skills. Considering this, Gears of War PC download sounds worthwhile.

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Ensuring the specifications of your device is essential as determines whether or not you can install the game on your device. In case you want to play on PC, there are several minimum requirements you have to meet. Gear of War is compatible for Windows 10. If your PC has lower OS, you cannot install this game.

Gears of War PC download require 8 GB of RAM. Compared to the other game with the same graphic and genre, the required memory is quite high. In addition, the processor should be at least Intel i5 or AMD FX-6300. To get the best graphic, it is recommended to use Nvidia Geforce 750 or AMD Radeon 260X. Those are the minimum requirements to open this game. If you have higher PC specifications, it will be better.

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How to Download and Install

If you are sure enough that the PC meets the requirement, now you can get Gears of War PC download on the official website of Microsoft. Simply click the Buy button and you will be redirected to Xbox store. You can also download the game through Windows Store.

However, downloading from Windows Store sometimes takes much time. Here you can do these steps to install without really download the game.

  • Open Windows Store and find the Gears of War game.
  • After starting the download process, you can press pause. You will see appearing URL.
  • Copy the URL and paste to IDM or other download manager you have.
  • You will know the URL is original by seeing the file size. It should be more than 100 GB.
  • After finishing the download, you have a file with .appx.
  • Open powershell and enter command add-appxpackage<space><filepath>.
  • The installation process will begin and you just need to wait for the game to launch.

After knowing all you need to know about Gears of War PC download, now you are ready to download one for your PC. In conclusion, this game is pretty fun as you can have new gaming experience. At least it will not make you bored with the same game.

How To Remove Ads From Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher

A clean web experience is crucial to maintain productivity. No one enjoys annoying popups and confusing sponsored content. To get rid of that, you can use Google’s contributor pass but its limited to certain sites and regions. Till it gets available to a wider range audience, we will have to keep using way around techniques in order to achieve the pure web state of no ads. If you desire to do the same, all you need to do is to follow along the tutorial. Keep that in mind that this way of ad removal will only work on Android devices i.e. smartphones and tablets. If you use some Android emulator on PC or MAC then you can use the same method as well.

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at a method of Ad-removal consisting Lucky Patcher. This is a very popular tool and has much more to it than just the ad-removal thing. It allows you to change the way your app behaves or looks based on your preferences. Apart from that, it can also act as a file manager, app launcher and storage client. To get the most out of this tool, its highly recommended for you to read other articles here based on Lucky Patcher APK.We will be taking about its mechanisms and functions more in this article. Also checkout FM WhatsApp & WhatsApp Groups !

Contents [show]

How To Remove Ads From Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a state of the art tool that lets you change the source code of your favorite android apps hence allowing you to inherently change/add/remove features. On paper, it can change the basic structure of app. Suppose you are not allowed to use skins on say, Instagram. One of the patches available on Lucky Patcher will made alterations to ensure that multiple skins can be swapped back and forth.

lucky patcher

With the ability of such powerful functionalities, many aesthetic and productive enhancement can be made in an application. One which is the ability to block ads. A considerable amount of products available on Play Store are loaded with unethical ad-placements. They are arranged in a manner that gives them highest chances of accidental clicks, increasing their revenue. But it can excessively affect the user-experience and productivity by redirecting you to new pages.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

  • Use the button in order to optain the APK File For Lucky Patcher. This file will act as an installer for Lucky Patcher modding tool.
  • Since this is in binary format, you will be able to share it with any device running on Android. Make sure to have some space in your device before clicking the download button.
  • Locate the file using a file manager and tap on it to initiate installation. At this time, it will ask for a few permissions and access authorizations. Read each one of the permission carefully as the app will be taking control of your device in all those aspects. After reading it, allow all of the permission being asked and get done with installation process/
  • After the installation completes, open the app from app drawer. You can do that by tapping on its icon.
  • Identify the catalog that act as a menu to display all apps present in the device. You will need to decide which app you want to make changes on. Select the app of your choice and tap on it to expand its options and select patches
  • This will trigger a list of patches that can be applied to the tapped application. Keep in mind that this list specifically contains patches that are applicable to the tapped application. It means that developers have come up with it by individually testing various alterations on specific apps. What we need here is the remove ads patch. You will need to tap on that to get what we are willing to achieve here.
  • If your device is not rooted then you have to create apk without google ads and uninstall & install it again. This extra measure is required only for non-rooted devices. For the ones where root access is given no such steps are needed.
  • Click on rebuild this app and Wait until the patching completes & you will see the patch results but in the non-rooted devices you have to choose to go to file option & uninstall and install the app again. If you possess a non-rooted device, you might as well go ahead and root it first because many of the crucial features relies upon root access. But in any case, Lucky Patcher will still be able to remove ads on non-rooted phones and tablets. In fact it can do a more lot than that. You can explore more of its functions by playing your way around the controls.

So now you have successfully removed ads on your app.

When advertisements are relevant and clean they contribute in user-experience. Many impressions ends up in clicks and conversions and that is all good when done in a healthy manner. But those ones with spammy intents are not in anyways making the market thrive and are needed to be taken care of. Lucky Patcher APK is a great way to do exactly that.

Final Verdict

Ads are essential in maintaining net neutrality. But the line draws when they start getting over-possessive, especially the non-google ones. Apart from this, privacy is also a huge aspect in the picture. Advertisements work on the principal of possessing cookies. Those cookies contains history files as well as other activities. So, say you have visited Facebook before hopping on to some news media site then the ads will popup targeting you with other social media joining links.

It is not harmful when in works in an ethical way but the consent to use your cookies should be provided by the user before seeing the ad. Because of this, each internet user is needed to be educated regarding ads and privacy. When they’ll learn about the way these things work, they’ll be able to provide consent in a full knowingly manner. It is much needed to keep the soundness in the system.